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September 20 2015


Knuckle-scanning anti-cheating software won't say what it's doing with Rutgers students' data


Rutgers students taking exams are required to pay $32 in fees for Verificient’s Proctortrack, an anti-cheating program that collects, audio, video, web activity and “scans the ID, face and knuckles” as well as voice-prints.

Rutgers entered into a hasty “verbal agreement” with Proctortrack last spring, which was turned into a retroactive contract (that went into effect seven months before it was signed) in August, in which the company promised to purge student data after 90 days and email students to confirm this.

Students say Verificient hasn’t fulfilled this part of its bargain.

Verificient is said to be working with the TSA to roll out similar software for travellers.

Coming soon: a giant robot that looms over children while they take tests, clicking and whirring ominously.

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September 19 2015


AVG’s new privacy policy is uncomfortably honest about tracking users


While anti-virus firm AVG congratulates itself over a new easy-to-read privacy policy, users are up in arms over what that policy spells out.

The new policy, which takes effect on October 15, makes clear that AVG will collect non-personal data such as “Browsing and search history, including meta data.” AVG says it collects this data “to make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free.”

It’s rare to see a privacy policy that so plainly points out a company’s data collection methods and motivations, but that’s the point. AVG recently put out a press release to celebrate its new document, which indeed uses lots of plain English and includes brief summaries of each section at the top. CEO Gary Kovacs even implored the rest of the tech industry to adopt similarly transparent policies.

But in making its privacy policy easier to understand, AVG has also opened itself up to a backlash. A post on Reddit pointing out AVG’s practices is currently at the top of the site’s Technology section, with thousands of upvotes and (largely angry) comments. Some of the practices mentioned in that Reddit post are things that AVG was already doing, such as keeping a list of installed applications, collecting the device’s advertising ID, tracking search terms, and sharing that non-personal data with third-party partners.

Still, the old policy didn’t draw a fine line between collecting data for malware tracking, and using it for profit. There’s also no mention of collecting users’ browser histories in the old document. We’ve reached out to AVG to clarify how much of the privacy policy is new, and the extent to which the company is collecting browser history.

Why this matters: AVG’s new policy illustrates exactly why companies tend to drown their data collection practices in legalese. There’s no penalty for doing so, and being transparent only invites more outrage. In that sense, AVG at least deserves credit for helping users make informed decisions. Still, the idea of an anti-virus program tracking and monetizing your browsing history is unnerving, and if anything AVG ought to clarify that point further as it finalizes its new privacy policy.

I do not seek, I find.
Pablo Picasso (via wnq-art)
Language must be revolutionized until it moves the masses on every single psychological level.
— Albert Camus
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when u and ur friends go out to the woods in the night to scream


when u find out ur friends went in the woods to scream without u

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Bail-ins are in place in the UK, EU, and US - “All deposits are subject to potential ‘haircuts’ involving any major bank failure”

Shares and stocks are tumbling around the world, with investors worried that the next global crisis has already begun. There is considerable uncertainty and nervousnessamongst economists and trend forecasters. Government’s sooth jittery markets with misinformation in the hope that confidence does not evaporate and their legitimacy with it.

If another crisis gets underway – do you think that the money you have earned, paid tax on and put in a bank for a rainy day or for an unexpected bill is safe? Because if you do, you’re wrong.


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Don't Have Sex With Robots, Say Ethicists




Fuck you, I want a pleasure android.

Fuck robots! :-P

Their About page is mostly the same old arguments against porn and prostitution. One thing that bugs me though is “We propose that the development of sex robots will further reduce human empathy that can only be developed by an experience of mutual relationship.“

What exactly does “mutual relationship” mean in the context of this discussion, if not “monogamous heterosexual relationship”? Are monogamous sexual relationships the only kind that men and women can have with each other? Can men empathize only with the people they’re fucking? (Excuse me, “with the people they’re fucking for free”.) If fucking robots decreases empathy for other people, then does it increase empathy for robots? Begging the question, does a man’s ability to empathize come from his cock? If we want men to empathize and fucking women promotes empathy, then are we placing any kind of blame on women when men lack empathy?

Overall, they’re saying that robot-sex is a gateway-fetish to rape. And the insistence on mentioning child-abuse is a common strategy used against other sexual minorities. CASR is just another hate group.

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Could you hide from the state for a full 28 days? That’s what ‘Hunted’, a new reality competition series in the UK wants to know.

Given an hour head start and $700 in cash, contestants are then asked to try and hide from some of the world’s top detectives and investigators using all of the modern surveillance and tracking technology at their disposal.

The leader of the 30-strong team of investigators, for instance, was a former head of counter-terrorism for the City of London Police. At his disposal were technologies normally accessible only by the authorities – CCTV tracking, number plate recognition systems and the like. Among the men and women under his command were former spooks, intelligence analysts, covert operatives, cyber security experts and psychological profilers. Even a former CIA pattern analyst who played a role in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Read more here

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Source for more facts, follow NowYouKnoFor more facts with GIFs click here!

I want a lot of these

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anyone here ever got their tie caught in the sawmill conveyor belt & been dragged towards giant blade? need advice. time is a factor

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The cognitive and sensory impairments associated with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia often result in difficulty eating. 

Eatwell bowls are designed with slanted bottoms that help food collect to one side for easy scooping. The interior of the dining ware is also bright blue in color, an uncommon hue for food which helps users with dementia identify food in their bowls with ease. Spoons are intentionally designed to hug the side of the dinnerware, making collecting food easier and preventing spillage. Handles for drinking cups and utensils are made to allow for easy gripping and stability.

The result of all these intentional elements working together is a dining set that has been found to allow users with dementia to consume 24% more food and 84% more liquid.

Learn more about this Eatwell set here.

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The point is, you see, that there is no point in driving yourself mad trying to stop yourself going mad. You might just as well give in and save your sanity for later.
Life, the universe and everything by Douglas Adams (via quotemybooks)
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Americans are naming their babies after guns





Parents appear to be arming their newborn babies with intimidating names in a tough-guy take on giving them the best start in life.

More children are being given names related to guns, knives, historical warriors, dark goddesses and macho movie stars, according to a survey by a US baby name website.

Danger, Arrow, Rebel, Pistol and Arson are, believe it or not, have also been used.

Most popular of all is Gunner, which was given to more than 1,500 babies in the US last year. According to baby name site Nameberry, if Gunnar (meaning “bold warrior” in Swedish) is taken with Gunner the name hits the top 200 for boys.

Cannon, meanwhile, is in the top 1,000.

Also on the rise in the US - a nation which has seen significant gun violence this year - for baby boys are Trigger, Shooter, Caliber, Magnum and Pistol. There has also been a rise in the use of gun manufacturers such as Barrett, Remington, Kimber, Ruger, Wesson, Browning, Benelli and Beretta.

Other weapons are also finding favour as baby names.

Lance is an old-school choice, but has been increasingly joined by Mace, Blade, Saw and Dagger, whilst Sabre has been trending for girls. Nine hundred boys were an Archer last year, and many baby girls were Arrows.

Hunter continues to do very well as a first name for newborn babes and has been in the top 50 for boys for two decades in the US now. But it has reached the top 10 in hunting friendly states such as Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Maine - and is number three, rendering it practically common, in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, five little boys were named Danger last year. Even blunter were the 11 named Arson and nine called Chaos. Maverick is up 67 places on last year to 206th place for boys overall, whilst Rebel was given to 47 babies.

Historical tough guys also live on in parents’ hopes for their offspring. Titus, the Roman military commander and later Emperor, is at its highest rank ever at 285th place for boys. The names of military ranks themselves have also risen, with Major going up more than 650 places in the past three years.

Mostly absent from the trend are baby girls being given similarly scary, intimidating or tough names. But they’re not all called Sugar and Melody - there has been a rise in name of the Hindu goddess of power and destruction, Kali, to become the 262nd most popular for girls. Aela, a character from adventure computer game Skyrim, is also on the rise for girls, as is Rogue.

But parents mostly focus their dreams of powerful, protective, non-sissy offspring on their sons. Last but not least, final popular names look like a trip to the movies, with Rocky, Rambo, Clint (Eastwood) and Sylvester (Stallone) all on the rise.

This is worse than homestuck names

*names my baby son BFG*

my son, Metalgearsolidtwo Sonsofliberty, is starting preschool next year

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What are you doing here?What’s your problem?

doctor who: let’s kill hitler (2011) / kingsman: the secret service (2015)

Army Sergeant: Is there any reason you shouldn’t be in this man’s Army?
Max: I’m a cross-dressing homosexual pacifist with a spot on my lung.
Army Sergeant: As long as you don’t have flat feet.

Across The Universe (2007)

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Higher-Resolution Images of Pluto Finally Arrive

Two months after the New Horizons spacecraft flew by the dwarf planet, higher resolutions images are finally arriving. The crisp, detailed images are spectacular but are also creating some mysteries for scientists. Learn more about each image HERE.

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