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April 29 2017

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get ‘em



Meta-Discordianism, A Possible Customer Testimonial:

“One pitfall of discordianism i did not foresee is the risk of attractors in the space of metabeliefs and metabeliefs about metabeliefs. Ordinary religions are attractors in the space of beliefs, and discordianism helps navigate that, but you seem to run into the same problem, when considering metabeliefs. So now i should probably convert to meta-discordianism to navigate that pitfall, and repeat infinity times.”

- lvl3pareidoliamancer

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Rockets operate on a pretty simple principle: if you throw something out the back really fast, the rocket goes forward. Practically speaking, we accomplish this with a combination of chemistry and physics, by burning fuel and oxidizer together and accelerating the exhaust out a nozzle. Solid rocket propellant, like that found in the model rockets shown here, is a combination of fuel and oxidizer that don’t react until they’re ignited. You don’t want your rocket to just explode as soon as it’s lit, though, so solid rocket motors are carefully designed to burn in a particular way. By packing the propellant into different shapes – and even including patterns of propellants with different burn rates – engineers can create a rocket that burns with the thrust pattern they want. 

In the case of this model rocket motor, what we observe is not really how it is intended to burn; you can see how some of the combustion products are working their way out of cracks that wouldn’t normally exist. But the video and animation do show how the burn front moves gradually through the engine, allowing it to produce a relatively steady amount of thrust for a longer period before reaching the darker burning propellant on the left, which would normally launch the model rocket’s parachute. (Image and video credit: Warped Perception; via Gizmodo)



When your pad’s on crooked but you don’t realize it until after you leave a public bathroom

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Castle on an island in Ireland

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Nazis und Reichsbürger sind harmlos und ordentliche Leute. Da müssen die Sicherheitsbehörden nichts tun. Linke sind natürlich gefährlich. Am Besten gleich alle ins Lager!

Man sollte auch mal aufschlüsseln, welcher Art diese Straftaten sind. Auf der linken Seite ist ein großer Teil davon eher harmloser Natur - Verstöße gegen Versammlungsgesetz und Vermummungsverbot, Sachbeschädigung etc. - während Gewalt gegen Menschen überwiegend auf der rechten Seite zu finden ist.

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my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right

I’m not gonna stop reblogging these reminders

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Silent Night by Andrew Mar

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Gift art for a friend who mentioned in the tags on one of her reblogs that she wanted to commission a deity portrait of Eris.

Jokes on you, buddy, I read every tag people ever leave on my art ever because my ego feeds on compliments like Ammit the Devourer feeds on bad souls. So I went ahead and did an Eris anyway. If you’re unfamiliar with the tenets of Discordianism, look them up. It’s a fun philosophy.

I am open for commissions!

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The Aqueduct of Segovia

Roman Empire, Spain, ca. 1st century AD

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“and so, sometime in 5th grade - I became an Occultist..”

We all have to decide for ourselves how much sin we can live with.
— Nucky Thompson Boardwalk Empire
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I want to mint my own coins with my face on it and bury them all over the world so that future archaeologists can dig them up and think I ruled the world at one point.


Greenspan is the link between the original Rand cult and what we might think of as the second age of Rand: the Thatcher-Reagan years, when the laissez-faire, free-market philosophy went from the crankish obsession of rightwing economists to the governing credo of Anglo-American capitalism. Greenspan, appointed as the US’s central banker by Ronald Reagan in 1987, firmly believed that market forces, unimpeded, were the best mechanism for the management and distribution of a society’s resources. That view – which Greenspan would rethink after the crash of 2008-9 – rested on the assumption that economic actors behave rationally, always acting in their own self-interest. The primacy of self-interest, rather than altruism or any other nonmaterial motive, was, of course, a central tenet of Randian thought.

Put more baldly, the reason why Republicans and British Conservatives started giving each other copies of Atlas Shrugged in the 80s was that Rand seemed to grant intellectual heft to the prevailing ethos of the time. Her insistence on the “morality of rational self-interest” and “the virtue of selfishness” sounded like an upmarket version of the slogan, derived from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, that defined the era: greed is good. Rand was Gordon Gekko with A-levels.



when u haven’t masturbated in ages and


damn imma stop masturbating for a while so i can grow cannons on my back and launch torrents of water at people

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