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March 28 2015


"Disorder" is an ableist slur.










Having a disorder literally means that something is not working properly. Applying the concept to neurotypes is rooted in the pathology paradigm and reinforces the idea that there is one “proper” way for a person to function. For the sake of neurodiversity, we need to eliminate the use of “disorder” in this context.

To keep the initialisms that people already know, let’s try calling things “dynamics” instead.

OCD: Obsessive-Compulsive Dynamic

GID: Gender Identity Dynamic

DID: Dissociative Identity Dynamic

ASD: Autism Spectrum Dynamic

ADD: Attentive Difference Dynamic

I find it fucking amazing how tumblr tries is level best again and again to pretend that malfunctions of the brain are somehow not negatively and that we should totally pretend that having your brain malfunction of the point where it may very well kill you (depression, anyone?) is totally not a problem and shouldn’t be recognized as a problem. 

I keep waiting for the day when people start claiming that epilepsy is really not just another way of the brain working and totally not something that requires treatment to avoid an untimely death. But no, every variation of brain function is totally health and good for you and what do you mean being forced to wash your hands until they’re bleeding is impacting your enjoyment of life, don’t you see that this is just internalized ableism?

Fucking goddamn tumblr. 

I actually have obsessive compulsive disorder and ADHD, and let me tell you, they’re fucking disorders. They’re a problem. That’s why these are called disorders in the first place, they make life more difficult for the person. :/

No.  Disorders are disorders.  They’re not fucking happy funtime additives thrown in for effect.  Why is Tumblr so against getting better?  There’s nothing wrong with not liking the fact that you got some messed up shit and trying to get help.

"There’s nothing wrong with not liking the fact that you got some messed up shit and trying to get help."

This. This always. Never feel you are less for needing and seeking out help. Never feel like you should suffer alone. Disorders ARE disorders and there is nothing wrong with having them. And there is equally nothing wrong with seeking help with how to handle them.

Can we just notice the Attentive Difference Dynamic there, too? YOU LITERALLY CHANGED EVERY WORD IN THE NAME.

Fuck you. Fuck you. My ADHD impedes my ability to function normally every day. It impacts my relationships, my thought patterns, and my ability to even get things done. It’s stressful and frustrating and HARMFUL. BECAUSE IT IS A DISORDER. ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER IS A FUCKING DISORDER.

Climb out of your ass and realize that not every word that has the slightest negative connotation is a bad thing. It is not a judgement, it is not a slur. It is a dia-fucking-gnosis, for a health problem that REAL PEOPLE SUFFER FROM AND LIVE WITH.

I have nothing to add to this. Just reblogging for the commentary 

Beautiful commentary


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stop using the asterisk after trans. it was created to include people who arent even trans (like cis drag queens) and if you use it because you think it’s more inclusive of nonbinary people, you’re implying that nb people aren’t really trans

here are a couple of explanations
if necessary

Drag queens are not trans. They are cis men appropriating trans culture.

I never understood the asterisk but thought it was correct to use it. OK, the more you know.

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asylum-art: Handmade carpets by Faig Ahmed

The rug really tore the room apart.

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Street Fighter 2 Ryu team up illustration between myself and my younger brother, Bryce. Just for fun. And because we, like just about everyone else, LOVED to play the original and continue to play its other incarnations.

8″x10″ prints will be available at ECCC Booth 1415 this March 27th-29th as well as available at WonderCon Small Press Booth 025 on April 3rd-5th.

Prints are also available at my Etsy store!


Australia outlaws warrant canaries



The exceptionally broad new surveillance bill lets the government do nearly unlimited warrantless mass surveillance, even of lawyer-client privileged communications, and bans warrant canaries, making it an offense to “disclose information about the existence or non-existence” of a warrant to spy on journalists.

Read the rest…

Yeah, I knew this would happen. Fucking supressive police planet.

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Watch one woman say to manspreaders what we’ve all wanted to

Like poison ivy, manspreading is a scourge in the garden of life.

You know what we’re talking about: That thing where men — and yes, it’s almost always men — spread their legs so wide that they encroach upon the personal space of the commuters sitting next to them. Alternatively called “lava balls” and “subway spread,” it’s a phenomenon familiar to anyone who’s taken public transportation.

Luckily for the rest of us, Gothamist’s Lauren Evans has taken it upon herself to confront the manspreaders savaging public transportation around the country.



And yes, it IS different for guys, because their pelvises aren’t as wide as women’s and their genitals are located outside their body! Fuck this bitch and fuck all the people behind this. God knows you aren’t shaming/creepshoting women who’s bags and purses take up extra seats.

Let me help you micdotcom:


Notice on the right part: men (on top) have acetabulum facing laterally, women (on bottom) have acetabulum facing anteriorly. Men’s legs will naturally tend towards the side. Women’s legs will naturally tend towards the front.

Now can you stop the fake pseudo-feminist bullshit and focus on real issues?!

nothing says equal rights more than publically humiliating men for something they literally cannot fucking help doing, I have long legs and its actually painful to sit on public transport with my legs completely together

This reminds me of all the times my aunts would have their knuckles smacked with rulers by nuns to try and force them to use their right hand instead of their left

Oh look, it’s /tagged/crotch-post.

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((Okay so the moon moon post was on my dash and now I’m rediscovering the joys of Moon Moon alkdjghsda))

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DEA agents had 'sex parties' with prostitutes, watchdog says


DEA agents party with prostitutes.

They say they didn’t know the prostitutes were paid for by drug cartels. 

Guess that’s OK then. Alrighty!



WSJ: Wenn Piloten durchdrehen


Doch es passiert – und nicht immer sind die Folgen so harmlos wie am Montag: Ermittler haben beispielsweise öffentlich gemacht, dass der Kapitän eines Regional-Flugzeugs von Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique, die im November abstürzte und dabei sämtliche 33 Passagiere in den Tod riss, die Maschine offenbar absichtlich steil nach unten steuerte und zum Absturz brachte.

Daten aus dem Cockpit und der Blackbox weisen laut Ermittlern darauf hin, dass der Regional-Jet mit rund 1.800 Meter pro Minute Richtung Boden stürzte. Der Kapitän setzte demnach keinen Notruf ab und ignorierte zahlreiche Warnungen der Instrumente, die einen bevorstehenden Absturz anzeigten.

Das ist kein Einzelfall. Im Dezember 1997 stürzte eine Boeing 737 von Silkair, einer Airline aus Singapur, mit 104 Passagieren ab, die auf dem Weg von Jakarta nach Singapur war. Die indonesischen Ermittler konnten die Absturzursache niemals feststellen. Doch Experten des U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), die Simulationen durchführten und auch ansonsten in die Ermittlungen eingebunden waren, kamen zu dem Schluss, dass das wahrscheinlichste Szenario ist, dass der Pilot sich aufgrund finanzieller und beruflicher Probleme umgebracht hatte.

Fast zwei Jahre später stürzte Flug 990 von Egypt Air mit 217 Menschen an Bord auf der Insel Nantucket in den USA ab, kurz nachdem die Maschine von New York in Richtung Kairo abgehoben war. Das NTSB ermittelte, dass nur ein Szenario zu den gesammelten Beweisen passte: Demnach hatte einer der beiden Piloten die Triebwerke abgeschaltet und die Maschine absichtlich zum Absturz gebracht. Den Grund für sein Verhalten konnte die NTSB nicht herausfinden. Ägyptische Behörden widersprachen der US-Analyse.

In allen drei Absturz-Fällen befand sich zum fraglichen Zeitpunkt immer nur ein Pilot im Cockpit.

Wenn ein Pilot das Cockpit verlässt, um beispielsweise auf Toilette zu gehen, verlangen viele Gesellschaften, dass ein Flugbegleiter ins Cockpit kommt und bleibt, bis die Cockpit-Tür wieder geöffnet wird. Gelegentlich kommt es vor, das verbleibende Piloten im Cockpit Probleme hatten, die Sicherheitstür wieder zu öffnen. Seit den Terror-Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 werden derartige Probleme verstärkt angegangen.


(via Sir Lulzelot)





Having tattoos and piercings is not unprofessional.

What’s unprofessional is turning down an aspiring employee due to superficial reasons and not their skill level or experience.

one of the most accurate posts I’ve ever read. 


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Still from “Two Drawings”, a performance by artist Guy de Cointet, performed by Mary Ann Duganne, Portland Center for the Visual Art, 1977


Nerdcore: Inside Russias Troll-Factory

Meldungen über vom Kreml bezahlte Trolle gab’s zum ersten mal letzten Sommer, jetzt hat Radio Free Europe mit Marat Burkhard aus Sankt Petersburg gesprochen, der da zwei Monate gearbeitet hatte. (RFE wurde übrigens als anti-kommunistischer Propaganda-Sender gegründet und von der CIA finanziert, so there’s that, hier der Wikipedia-Eintrag.)

Faszinierend: Laut diesem Interview haben die anscheinend verschiedene Troll-Funktionen – einen „Link Troll“, einen „Villain Troll“ und einen „Picture Troll“ –, die zusammenarbeiten und in Foren ein Fake-Debatten anzetteln, die sie dann auf andere Kommentar-Threads zum selben Thema ausbreiten:

On the Barnaul forum, the Link Troll kicks things off with praise and a link to a December 31 article, ‘Putin Congratulates Obama And Reminds Him Of The Principles Of Mutual Respect’.

“Great article! By the way, the president of Russia, also congratulated the American president, the German chancellor, and other Western politicians on New Year’s Eve. He’s to be commended for expressing his peaceful intentions and conducting normal policy — something that’s hard to get from Barack Obama.”

The Villain Troll appears incensed:

“And what did you find that was so totally amazing in his Christmas message??? I don’t understand!!! Vladimir Putin is an ordinary person!! So what if he’s the president?? If I get on TV and wish everyone a nice Christmas, will you write a nice article about me too??? Finally we’ve found something to talk about!”

The Picture Troll posts a photo of Putin at the church and retorts:

“This is idiotic! Putin is our president. And it’s really great that he went to a village church to congratulate everyone on the holiday. Christmas is a miracle. I envy the congregation. I would have loved to have been there on that great holiday.”

One Professional Russian Troll Tells All (via MeFi)


Sandwars: the mafias whose illegal sand mines make whole islands vanish



Singapore’s insatiable appetite for sand to use to expand its island’s territory has led to a worldwide boom in illegal sand-mining, run by criminal gangs who are responsible for the destruction of entire islands in the Pacific rim.

Sand smugglers also serve the construction industry, especially in Morocco. The illegal sand mines are all over the world, but they’re at their most vicious in India, where sand mafias murder and intimidate as they steal whole beaches and turn the land into moonscapes of house-sized excavation pits.

An essential and chilling Wired article by Vince Beiser tells the story beautifully, and Adam Ferguson’s accompanying photos are brilliant.

Read the rest…




I am all about stories where the hero and villain know each other very well and were once friends, but I could deal with it being used another way.

What if instead of being used for drama, for wistfulness and pleas to join the other side, it was more like the hero looking over a battlefield going Seriously, who does she think she’s kidding, she’s been using the same chess strategy since we were seven or the villain picking a headquarters in a specific climate because she knows the hero hates hot weather or deciding Send in some forces to round up all the copies of his favorite poet’s work, that’ll tick him off.

Or most of all them still having inside jokes with each other.

#the forces on either side wear uniforms the color that the other one cant stand #makes sure to stop the import of their favorite candies. like all other food and stuff can pass. just not THOSE candies #’DID YOU KIDNAP MY CAT?!’ ‘Yeah. He’s a sweetheart. Can I keep him?’ ‘GIVE ME BACK MY CAT.’ ‘Yeah ok.’ #sends cat back with a bow and ‘next time don’t keep your key in the same place you did when we were room mates dumbass’ #’Ma’am…the enemy has sent over a…a turkey?’ ‘…That mother fucker HE WAS SUPPOSED TO NEVER MENTION IT AGAIN. THAT’S IT. SEND HIM A FUCK#ING GOAT HE’S TERRIFIED OF THEM

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A Greek soldier resting upon the statue of King Leonidas during the National Holiday. 25th March, 2015 in Sparta, Laconia, Greece. source | edit
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