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"Oh, someone is criticising the system. Let's defend this system where people who exploit you and hoard all the riches tell you that you still have to fight for your life every day, and if you fail because the system doesn't offer you any opportunities anymore, then it's your own fault. Let's defend a world that has the resources to sustain everyone on this planet, except that these resources are in the hands of a few who always tell you that you have to work hard for your money - they never 'worked hard' for it themselves, but who cares? Let's ignore the growing global inequality. Fuck solidarity and empathy, I have enough and I will always have enough because I 'work hard' and these fuckers on the picture, they didn't, so they deserve to live in poverty, they deserve to starve in front of a bountiful table, and if they reach for food because they would die otherwise, just shoot 'em in the face. Changing the world for good is overrated. Let's celebrate being an asshole!"
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