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Alexandre Saint Yves d'Alveydre - Archeometre, 1903.

The term “Archeometre” originates from the Greek and means “the measure of the principle”.

Archeometre is it the measurement of the “Archee” (Universal Cosmic Force). Is it a process, a key which makes it possible to penetrate the Mysteries of the World. It is a measuring instrument of the first (primary) principles of the manifested Universe. 

Archeometre shows the original Atlantean alphabet, and is represented by a circle, which has two scales from 0 to 360 degrees and 360 degrees to 0. It is divided into 12 ranges with 30 degrees each. In the individual ranges we can see planets, colors, tones and the letters of different alphabets. The Archeometre is a Universal canon (guide), which points out the relationship between the astrological indications, tones, smells, letters and colors. 

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