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USA vs The Netherlands









how obama arrives at work:


how the dutch prime minister arrives:


In case you didn’t know…..

From the wikipedia page from above: “ Secret Service protection for Obama began after the Senator received a death threat in 2007, while serving as the junior Senator of Illinois and running for president. This marked the earliest time a candidate received such protection before being nominated.

In case you decided to skip reading the link. 

Also, President Obama actually works from home, since the Oval Office is in White House (The West Wing).   


Their prime minister may ride a cute little bike, but their royal family rides around in a gold carriage (paid for by colonialism; just like the US, their nation owes its wealth to exploited black and brown people) decorated with pictures of slaves working to fuel the empire and bowing down to a white woman. 


I think our president’s limo is just a tad less offensive.

Because it’s almost never remembered in these conversations, remember the whole DUTCH East India Company thing? The original corporate overlords.

The Dutch are responsible for slave trade, illegal alcohol trade, weapons trade, mercenary trade, and one major branch of Calvinism… all that shit is in their history, do not act as if the Dutch are a super lovely and inoffensive people.

Not to mention all the black face portrayals (Zwarte Piet) and how much people stan for it while refusing to acknowledge how harmful it is.

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