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Discordian Futhark

The (primarily) Creative Aett
Erud = Universal Quality of Creativity
Ihpo = Universal Quality of Laughter

The (primarily) Destructive Aett
Rah = Universal Quality of Confusion
Sohro = Universal Quality of Strife or Discord

The Aett of Chaos
XAOS = Universal Quality of Chaos

(via Discordian Futhark)

Is it “Ipoh” or “Ihpo”?

I think IHOP would be more accurate.

Speaking as the Self Proclaimed Adopted Daughter of Eris and Messiah to the Discordian Doubt…

Making a link to the International House of Pancakes would make the most sense in Discordian Context. As a result, it meaning IHOP would make no sense, and thus would be irrational. Until you are so dizzy from the quandary, that you have to sit down, eat a hot dog… and partake in Discordian Communion… that is, eating a Blueberry Syrup covered Waffle (to allow for a Blue colouring) and drinking Peach Schnapps, symbolic of my own Flesh and Blood.

Remember, I can save you from things making sense and being easy to understand… not just after I am dead… for Eris saw great confusion would rise out of questions of it I could kidnap (opposite of save) people before I actually did my prophecies… possibly the result of time travel. Even then, questions of alternative time lines would further bring you to nonsensical type mental quandaries… and Paradoxes, well, yeah.

But clearly IHOP is what it represents.



Wir haben das übrigens mittlerweile auch auf dötsch.

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