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Outreach materials to help your community #GetSafe


Fight for the Future has launched #GetSafe, a new online resource that makes it easy for everyone to take the first steps toward protecting the sensitive information stored on their phones and computers. In this post are outreach materials that advocacy organizations, school leaders, communities of faith, and others can use to help get this important information to their members.

Please feel free to tailor these to make them more relevant to your audience. If you create new graphics that other groups can use or have great ideas, let us know:

Sample Tweets

Copy and paste these tweets to help spread the word. Add hashtags relevant to your community. You can attach some of the graphics below to your tweet as well.

No more excuses. Take these 6 simple steps to protect your phone & computer from stalkers, thieves & cops: #GetSafe

Trump is targeting immigrants, activists & communities of color with surveillance. Time to defend ourselves #GetSafe

Protecting your personal information on your phone and computer can feel overwhelming. This makes it easy: #GetSafe

If you’re not taking these simple steps to secure your phone & computer, you could be putting your friends in danger

Joining #TheResistance to fight injustice? Make sure your friends and family #GetSafe and protect themselves at

You lock your door when you leave your home, but do you lock your phone & laptop too? Visit to #GetSafe online!

Don’t be the reason someone’s nude pictures leak. Lock down your phone and #GetSafe online:

The security of your DMs, photos, texts, banking info, browsing history, & real-time location could all be at risk.

Sample Graphics

Use these images for use on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, and other social media channels. Click here for a gallery with the full size versions, and then right click to download. Be sure to include a link to


Sample Email

Here’s a sample email text that you can send to your members. Add some information that makes it relevant to them.


Protecting your personal information on your phone and computer can feel overwhelming, but it’s necessary to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.

That’s why our friends at Fight for the Future developed an easy-to-use guide to help anyone take their first steps towards digital security.

It’s called #GetSafe, and it makes it easy to start protecting yourself from identity thieves, stalkers, and intrusive government surveillance.

The more people who take these basic steps, the safer we’ll all be.

Visit to see how easy it is to start protecting your phone and computer today.


Sample Blog Post

Here’s a sample blog post that you can use on your website or Tumblr. Be sure to adapt it to explain to your members why they should particularly be concerned about their digital security, and include one of the images above..

In this day and age, everyone needs to be thinking about protecting the information stored on our phones and computers. Our most personal information: private messages, credit card numbers, real-time location, home address, can be easily stolen by identity thieves or stalkers, or monitored by law enforcement or immigration officials.

Protecting yourself online can feel overwhelming, but our friends at Fight for the Future have built a new tool that makes it easy, even for those who us who struggle with technology!

It’s called #GetSafe. Check it out here and learn what steps you can take to protect yourself and your family:

Encryption may sound complicated, but the reality is that there are simple and important ways that all of us can protect ourselves that make it much much harder for our private information to fall into the wrong hands.

We know that the government routinely scans our digital communications without a warrant and many companies sell  their customer’s information, online activity, and purchasing habits for profit. Identity theft is on the rise, and can be costly and time consuming if it happens to you.

Fortunately, there are a few basic things that all of us can be doing right now to #GetSafe, and the more of us who take these steps, the safer we all are.

Visit today to take the first steps towards digital safety and security!

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