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Programmable robotics toy from SONY uses small minimalist blocks with personality, allowing to be creative with papercraft:

Another video here better presents how you can use a controller and even create your own sumo robots:

From Spoon & Tamago:

Build, play, inspire. That’s the idea behind Sony’s new toy for kids, designed to inspire a future generation of robotics engineers. Toio is the result of 5 years of research into developing a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use, but also sophisticated enough to create a figurative sandbox where kids can explore the inner-workings of robotics engineering.

Toio, at first glance, is stunningly simple: the core of the toy is just 2 white cubes with wheels. But don’t be fooled by their appearance. The tiny cubes pack a whole lot of tech. They respond to motion, are able to detect the exact location of the other, and can be programmed but also remote controlled. 

You can find out more at the official Toio website here

Highly recommend following the Spoon & Tamago blog here

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