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Del Toro himself stated in the DVD commentary that the Pale Man represented the dictatorial regime of Francisco Franco in 1940s civil war Spain.

For instance, Pan’s Labyrinth’s antagonist Vidal the Franconist captain and the Pale Man share many similarities. Both withhold provisions/food, killers of children, monsters that can only use violence to solve problems and when the Pale Man sits on his table, it mirrors the dinner scene with Vidal in centre of the shot, sitting on the dining table.

In both the real world and the fantasy realm, protagonist Ofelia encounters a personification of regime control.

So do you feel he’s changing his story?

Honestly the rationale he gives in the image makes me NOT want to see the movie because it makes it come off as self flagellation for random SJW points. But the rationale you describe is a lot more on point with a message.

He isn’t changing the story.  The two are and have been always intended to be mirrors of one another, one reality both reflecting and shaping the other.

It’s a great movie.  Watch it.

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