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Unmentionables on Tumblr:
When you enter the @ symbol and a username on Tumblr, you can mention a blog, sending that blog account a notification. Unless you can’t. Here are some cases where Tumblr usernames won’t show up in results when you try to “@mention” them, or the mention notification won’t go through.

  • The setting for “Allow this blog to appear in search results” is turned off for the blog. User mention relies on a Tumblr user search, and disallowing all searches for the blog includes opting out of the user mention search.
  • The blog is identified as adult-oriented/not safe for work in its blog settings (and you are not following the NSFW blog).
  • The blog is a secondary blog that is password protected.
  • The blog account doing the mentioning is so new that Tumblr won’t send mention notifications as an anti-spam measure.
  • The blog account doing the mentioning was blocked. So if you block a blog, that shunned blog cannot “@mention” your blog on Tumblr.

The mystery about the tagging. Now you know. 

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