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you know, the fact that people see a person who has no will to do literally anything as lazy instead of mentally ill is pretty shitty in my opinion. it’s just a basic definition of types of neurodivergence: a lack of will to do literally anything.

it’s how they diagnose depression for instance. even if you aren’t sad if you have no will to do anything, you are not neurotypical. 

we view basic definitions of types of mental illness symptoms as character flaws, to a point where even people who experience these symptoms will view themselves as just fundamentally bad but not mentally ill in the slightest. and never do they learn there is possible treatment available to them, and that what they’re experiencing isn’t normal.

a person isn’t bad because they can’t or have no will to do anything, but there is treatment available for this, and you know even if said treatment never works on said person, I still don’t think they deserve to die because they don’t function like other people do. 

a lot of what’s perceived as “laziness” is rooted in anxiety as well as depression. paralyzing fear of failure is a classic symptom of anxiety disorder, and negative self-judgment (“i’m just lazy”) only feeds that anxiety and worsens the paralysis.

if you’re too cozy on the couch to get yourself a glass of water, perhaps you could be called lazy. but if you’re too afraid to ever make plans, take risks, pursue your goals, or even leave your apartment? you’re not lazy, you’re suffering and you need tools to cope with your illness, not criticism from yourself or others.

Dissociation gets mistaken for laziness, too - you might feel paralised, unable to move or even think, or “zone out” or “daydream” (disordered daydreaming is a thing and it’s not a character flaw!), or constantly forget what you were doing/ wanted to do (or how, or who you are…), you might end up in autopilot mode and do the default thing instead of the thing you were meant to do, you might lose connection with the rest of the world or your own body… there are many ways dissociation can manifest.

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