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Comic books are Jewish-American culture

And never forget that one of the reasons so many Jewish-Americans contributed to comics is because of the antisemitism in much of the creative sector in 20th century America. Many of these highly skilled and creative people ended up in comics because they couldn’t find work in more prestigious and lucrative fields.

also the same reason so many of them worked in the motion picture industry when it first began; working in film wasnt a respected line of work, so it kinda became a jewish culture, and when film unexpectedly caught on, upper-middle class white christians were quick to erase the jewish influence that the film industry had.
also similar to the reason why so many jews in the past millennium worked in finance- in the 1100s it was considered sinful in the christian church to handle large amounts of money, so banking in western Europe was kind of the only profession in which Jews were guaranteed a secure income. because banking was a Jewish thing because it was sinful, when it became a respected profession, the upper-middle class and elites were quick to smear the Jewish involvement in banking as an evil conspiracy to control the world

nice addition thank u^👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼✡️

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