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Trylik is one of Gulik’s broods. As a representative for discordian correspondence and Groovy Kits it is up to him to watch over them and to ensure safe and fast delivery. Since he is descended from Gulik, it is hardly surprising that Trylik is a cockroach. Remarkably, however, Trylik has the ability of mimicry to allow him to look like an ordinary postman, if he wishes. Usually however, he rather appears as a shadow in dark places and can only be perceived there dimly. His keys allow him to open and enter the gates to the paths of chaos, preferring the paths of stealth and deception here as well. However, should somebody get suspicious, Trylik can hypnotize him with his watch and plant illusions of various kinds into his brain. Incidentally, the clock always goes wrong, but in a way that suggests that Trylik also has some skill in manipulating time itself. Presumably, this is due to its nature, the packages, news and letters always deliver at the best possible time. Trylik also has a proboscis that is surprisingly similar to a Trystero Horn.With him, Trylik can convey messages of the most secret nature to those who concern them without the bystander even understanding a word at all.

These qualities make Trylik not only an excellent guardian of correspondence, but also a good deity for smugglers, conspirators, or more generally for encrypted communication.


Glyph of Trylik

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