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August 06 2017

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For the Guardian Review
#tomgauld #cartoon #historical #innacuracy

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I’ll let you be my mutually alien copy <3



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Confirmation bias




As long as people keep thinking of autism as a disease, they’re going to keep finding “evidence” that it’s “caused by” this, that, or some other thing because of their confirmation bias, but they’re not going to ever find a real cause for it until they pull their heads out of their asses. Even then, I doubt they’ll ever find a cause for it. Or if they do, they’ll also find what causes allistic and neurotypical people to be the way they are, too.

No really: if you did studies into neurotypical people from the point of view that neurotypicality was a disease, at least if you’re looking for it as stubbornly as these autism-is-a-disease people look for the “cause” of autism, you’d find plenty of evidence to support the theory that neurotypicality is a disease.

And therein is the flaw of science: if you’re open minded, you’ll find things that don’t match your hypothesis and start on the path toward the truth. But if you’ve already made up your mind what the truth is, you’ll keep finding “evidence” to support your “truth.”

There became more autistic people and less neurotypical people globally starting in the 1990s. You know what else became less prevalent in the 1990s? Crime. I think, to cure neurotypicals, we need more crime in America.

LOL that is a perfect satire of the kind of “thinking” these anti-vaxxers engage in. Right up there with the Pastafarians’ “global warming is caused by not enough pirates.”

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Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Zum ersten Mal können Spieler, die sich das System zulegen, das intergalaktische Abenteuer „Star Fox 2“ erleben. Dabei handelt es sich um den Nachfolger von „Star Fox“, das in Europa unter dem Titel „Starwing“ bekannt war. Dieser Titel wurde zu Zeiten des Super NES entwickelt aber bisher noch nie veröffentlicht!

Yay! :-D

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Mitteldeutsche Zeitung: Schon gewusst?: Elektroschrott können Sie kostenlos im Briefkasten entsorgen



leere Druckerpatronen

What could possibly go wrong?

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recently found out that pobeda (this old soviet watch brand i really like) produced a line of watches inexplicably packed with masonic occult symbolism and i am extremely here for it

y'all seen this? wild

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[immediately mocked by scientists]

me as a discovery

How can you not include the video?




Nawww, I’m sure the scientists adore this little guy <3

I felt really bad when I saw the first comic but when I finished the second I was crying tears of joy

Too cute to be real.

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June 25 2017

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Unmentionables on Tumblr:
When you enter the @ symbol and a username on Tumblr, you can mention a blog, sending that blog account a notification. Unless you can’t. Here are some cases where Tumblr usernames won’t show up in results when you try to “@mention” them, or the mention notification won’t go through.

  • The setting for “Allow this blog to appear in search results” is turned off for the blog. User mention relies on a Tumblr user search, and disallowing all searches for the blog includes opting out of the user mention search.
  • The blog is identified as adult-oriented/not safe for work in its blog settings (and you are not following the NSFW blog).
  • The blog is a secondary blog that is password protected.
  • The blog account doing the mentioning is so new that Tumblr won’t send mention notifications as an anti-spam measure.
  • The blog account doing the mentioning was blocked. So if you block a blog, that shunned blog cannot “@mention” your blog on Tumblr.

The mystery about the tagging. Now you know. 


On legendry.








Lately, I’ve run across complaints that modern depictions of the Knights of the Round Table are too “anime” - giving them all sorts of goofy powers, and sending them on weird, over-the-top adventures.

Allow me to point out that the following are all actual things that appear in the older tales about the Knights:

  • Sir Kay is said to have had the power to grow to giant size, hold his breath for nine days, and radiate supernatural heat from his hands.
  • Sir Bedivere openly practiced sorcery, and suffered from an accordingly sinister reputation; on more than one occasion, he was saved from being hanged as a witch only by King Arthur’s testimonly to his good character.
  • Sir Galahad possessed supernatural strength and speed by virtue of his moral and sexual purity - making him a rare example of a male character with virginity-fueled super powers.
  • Sir Balin once wielded the Lance of Longinus, and blew up an entire kingdom with a single blow. He also fought an evil knight with the power of invisibility.
  • Sir Marrock was a freaking werewolf.

Conclusion: modern depctions of the Knights of the Round Table aren’t anime enough.

I made this post two years ago, and while it’s never really taken off, it’s still getting a small burst of additional notes every couple of months. I wonder how folks keep finding it?

Anyway, the original post is hardly exhaustive - here are a few more fun examples:

  • Sir Gawain (you know, the guy involved in that whole mess with the Green Knight) is described as literally solar-powered in some tales, being three times as strong at high noon as he is at daybreak.
  • Sir Owain’s best friend and partner in battle is a talking lion. While his tales do include a sort of “origin story” explaining how he met the lion, the fact that it can talk isn’t remarked upon - it’s just a thing.
  • Sir Gwrhyr is able to speak every language, including those of animals, and in some versions can transform into various animals as well.
  • Though Lancelot isn’t usually described as having any specific supernatural powers or tools, he’s constantly described as “perfect” by everyone who sees him - you can practically see the bishie sparkles.

(Speaking of Lancelot, it’s interesting to note that in the earlier stories, his illicit romance with Guinevere is actually part of a love triangle involving another knight named Galehaut - and the focus of that love triangle isn’t Guinevere, but Lancelot himself! Galehaut has been quietly edited out of more modern retellings for sadly obvious reasons.)

whats up nerds i found a novelized historical slash fic about lancelot and galehaut written by two medieval scholars here it is youre welcome

sorry are you telling me that the Lancelot from Spamalot! is arguably one of the more accurate interpretations in modern times.

Terry Jones of Monty Python is actually a well-respected medievalist who has written such books as Chaucer’s Knight: The Portrait of a Medieval Mercenary and the Emmy award-nominated series Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives which is a social history of medieval Britain. So… yes.

Most legends, myths and folktales will raise your eyebrows once you dig below the level of “what everybody knows”.

I consider myself to be fairly well-read in Arhturiana, but I didn’t know about Galehaut - this is going to re-energize my interest!

The book about Lancelot and Galehaut is “Lancelot and the Lord of the Distant Isles, or, The Book of Galehaut Retold” by Patricia Terry and Samuel N. Rosenberg. The Medieval Review liked it (X). The introduction and first chapter are here and Samuel N. Rosenberg’s site for the book is here.

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June 06 2017



My favorite thing is capitalists calling socialist ideas “pie in the sky” when that term was coined by a Wobbly to describe, among other things, the hollow promises of capitalism

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