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I want this in my house for a few reasons:

  1. I won’t fall off the bed… Ever.
  2. Fabulous movie nights with friends.
  3. Probably the best sex ever.

… Okay~

4. I could sleep anywhere I wanted to in this entire room. So much variety each night.

5. Amazing flips could be done attempted

I need this because of reasons.

But what happens when you spill your drink? Or, even worse, your bong water?

I wanted to have such a bedroom like, um, forever - my idea was simply, um, tiling the floor of a room with queen-size matresses. OK, I wouldnt try any “amazing flips” in a room like the one on the pic cos I would probably flip amazingly out of the window. And the spiiling problem wouldn’t be any different from current spilling problems, so what? ^^

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