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A young man and a woman enjoy swimming in flooded St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012. I want this.


To all past, present and future tourists: DON’T FUCKING DO THIS.

Around 90 % of raw sewage produced by Venetians is flushed directly into the canals. Moreover, chemicals have been an added bonus in recent times.

So don’t swim in the canals or during Acqua alta, don’t drink it to see if it’s really seawater (first person witness here), don’t even fucking put your feet on it if you are hot. Just stay away from the water.

they swimmin in doodoo water

have y’all ever been to venice? it fuckin SMELLS like shit and everyone KNOWS it’s because of the nasty ass water so why the FUCK would you go swimming in it?!

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